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eBike Tour & “Primitivo” Wine

2 Hours

E-bike tour near Bari in Puglia among historic villages, natural landscapes and dry stone walls

Trip Description

E-bike tour among historic villages, natural landscapes and dry stone walls: discovering authentic Puglia
An unforgettable experience to discover the truest Puglia, between history, nature and flavours.

Our e-bike tour will take you to discover an evocative corner of Puglia, among fascinating villages, breathtaking landscapes and dry stone walls that tell the thousand-year history of this land.

Starting from Gioia del Colle, a town nestled between Matera and Bari, we will pedal through its medieval village, admiring the castle, churches and arches that lead to smaller villages. Leaving the town center behind, we will immerse ourselves in the uncontaminated beauty of the Apulian countryside.

We will pedal on the paths that wind through the Murge, caressed by the wind and kissed by the sun. During the journey, we will have the opportunity to meet grazing animals and admire the centuries-old olive trees that dot the landscape.

Our destination is the Polvanera winery, immersed in the quiet of the countryside. Here, we will be able to relax in the welcoming atmosphere and enjoy a guided tasting of the fine wines produced from the vineyards surrounding the cellar.

Tasting a signature primitivo, accompanied by typical products of Apulian gastronomy, we will be won over by the authentic flavors of this land.

At the end of the tasting, we will be able to return to the starting point, retracing the paths that led us to discover a true and uncontaminated Puglia.

This e-bike tour is a unique experience for:

Nature and cycle tourism lovers
History and culture enthusiasts
Gourmands discovering authentic flavours
Anyone who wants to live an unforgettable experience in Puglia

This tour offers the possibility of opting for a visit to the characteristic old cellar. Wine Tasting  is not included in the price, we can take care of booking your place.

How to reach the meeting point:

  • How to reach Gioia del Colle from Bari (40/50 minutes) by train or car: you can consult the detailed directions here.
  • How to reach Gioia del Colle from Taranto (40/50 minutes) by train and by car: you can consult the detailed directions here.

Personalization and Guides:

  • Customized tours: The tours can be customized according to the needs and interests of the participants.
  • Expert guides:  Participants can ask to be accompanied by a local during the tour.

Ready for an unforgettable adventure? 

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Useful Tips:

  • Layers: Layered clothing allows you to adapt to temperature changes.
  • Comfortable Clothes: Make sure your clothes are comfortable and don’t restrict your movements.
  • Shoes: You can wear sneakers or hiking shoes are good for light e-bike tours

With a little planning, you can choose the perfect clothing for your e-bike Light bike tour and enjoy a fun and comfortable bike day.

Preparation Tips:

  • Breakfast: Choose foods rich in energy and easy to digest.
  • Drink water or sports drinks before and during the tour.
  • Tips during the tour: Enough water, Snacks like dried fruit, cereal bars or trail mix, Salty foods like crackers or salts

Other tips:

  • Bring a first aid kit.
  • Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, hat and glasses.
  • Bring an insect repellent.
  • Listen to your body and take breaks if you feel tired or sore.
  • Check the weather forecast to know what kind of weather awaits you.
  • Recharge the smartphone useful during navigation

Enjoy your tour!

Responsible behavior:

  • Remember to respect the environment and the rules of the path.
  • Safety: Wear the helmet and visible jacket, comply with the rules of the road, drive predictably and at adequate speed, keep the safe distance, Brake in a progressive manner and carefully cornering, be clearly visible and drive in groups carefully, responsible behavior.

In case of accident:

  • Provide rescue and call for help
  • Stay on site and provide information

Remember, security is key. Following these simple guidelines, we can enjoy the tour on ebike in safety and respect of others.

Trip Highlights

  • Panoramic routes through the Apulian countryside, passing by golden vineyards and olive groves.
  • Village known for its underground natural springs and numerous wells.
  • Ride to at this renowned winery surrounded by vineyards.
  • Tasting fine wines like "Primitivo" paired with local products.
  • Live an unforgettable experience: An e-bike tour perfect for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, food lovers, and seekers of extraordinary adventures


Gioia del Colle: Start tour to Ebike Rental headquarter
Old Town: Cycling through the ancient village up to the significant Castle of Emperor Frederic II
Scenic Cycling: Panoramic routes through the Apulian countryside, passing through vineyards and golden olive groves.
Murgia di Bari: offers breathtaking views of rolling hills and vast green landscapes.
Cantina Polvanera: Return ride with a stop at this renowned winery surrounded by vineyards.
Wine tastings: Experience fine wines such as "Primitivo" paired with local products.
Relax: a perfect environment to relax and savor the authentic Apulian flavours.
Return to the starting point to end the day with joy.



  • eBike
  • Helmet
  • Visible jacket
  • Assistance


  • Transfer
  • Accident Insurances (Upon request, €12 each payable on site)
  • Tips
  • Wine Tasting (Start from €15 each payable on site)
  • Guide (Upon request, €25 each payable on site)

FAQ on the Bike Tour of the "PRIMITIVE" Wine

Where does the tour start and end?

The tour starts and ends at the same point.

How long does the tour?

The exact duration depends on the pace of the group and the stops, but on average the tour lasts a few hours, giving plenty of space to explore and enjoy the views.

What is the difficulty level of the bike route?

The route is mainly on flat panoramic roads through the Apulian countryside, so it is suitable for everyone.

What will we see during the tour?

We will see the medieval village of Gioia del Colle, the Norman-Swabian castle of Federico II, the panoramic roads of the Murgia of Bari, golden vineyards, cycle groves and olive groves and a tasting of your choice of wines at the “Polvanera” winery .

Will there be stops along the way?

Yes, there will be stops along the way, especially in the scenic spots and places of historical interest.

What should I take with me?

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for cycling. Bring with you water, sunscreen and hat to protect you from the sun.

Are there any age or health restrictions to join the tour?

The tour is for adults only between the ages of 14 and 80. For little ones aged between 2 and 5 years there are comfortable child seats or baby trolleys. It is recommended to be healthy and have a fair amount of physical endurance to tackle the cycling route

Can I buy wines or local products during the tour?

Yes, at the “Polvanera” winery you can buy local wines and products.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

eBike Tour & “Primitivo” Wine
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Trip Info

  • Gioia del Colle (Bari)
  • English, Italian
  • 140 mt
  • 120 minutes
  • Gioia del Colle railway station
  • Polvanera Winery
  • Wine Tasting
  • Spring, Autumn
  • Paypal, Bank Transfer
  • From 1 April to 30 November. July and August evening tour
  • Liability and accident insurance on request
  • Avialiable Baby Seat
  • Free Cancellation up to 7 days before the tour start time
  • 14
  • 80
  • 2 - 10